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At this point, freedom is irrelevant. Islam and it's terroristic, anti-humanitarian followers are in the process of destroying the Western world, and democracy has proven countless times that it cannot stop them. In order to stop the threat of Islam, we need to abolish all democratic governments in the West. A totalitarian government is necessary to destroy the threat of Islam. People are understandably reluctant to give up their freedoms, but it is neccessary to ensure our civilization's safety
Anonymous on 2017-05-22 at 23:22:38 EST. Secret #156163
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Sara Mangus/Sara Mills is the ONLY person with all this spare time on her hands to engage in Internet drama. Everyone else has grown in life.. gone to university, got married, had children, bought a house, travelled. She's still sitting there alone on her computer being the same old bitter bitch she was in 2002. What a sad girl she is.
Anonymous on 2017-05-15 at 20:39:13 EST. Secret #155214
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I met a couple from Ohio who were very concerned about the growing absence of Christian faith in our daily lives. They offered me a goblet fashioned from Donald Trump's skull, and I drank greedily of their transgender daughter's blood. Darkness engulfed us like a thousand crows fleeing the onset of an oncoming storm.
Flesh on 2017-01-03 at 17:30:53 EST. Secret #139684
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the only reason i brought my friend to the haunted house was so that i could punch her in the face in the crowded pitch black room without her knowing it was me
Monica V on 2010-01-16 at 18:10:54 EST. Secret #106
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I wear my iPod earphones not plugged into anything so people don't talk to me
xxSxx on 2010-03-06 at 06:47:41 EST. Secret #1014
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Angela Marie Autry Medcalf is a lying manipulative junkie that tries to ruin marriages hide ur hubbies n ur kidz shell #### wit dem 2
Anonymous on 2016-04-30 at 11:55:22 EST. Secret #107932
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i let my boyfriend beat me in video games all the time. he gets super angry and defensive if i dont and i really cant stand his whining. one day before i break up with him though i am gonna sonic boom him out of our apartment
twirl on 2010-02-03 at 10:33:42 EST. Secret #162
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Racists deserve to die.
Anonymous on 2016-12-03 at 14:10:31 EST. Secret #135506
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My secret is... I am trying to get the most disliked secret ever on this web app... Barack Obama is one of the worst most useless presidents ever... God is fake and was made up by a bunch of celibate nuTjobs... I am god.... Please dislike this secret.... I am smarter than everyone else... And prettir.
Anonymous on 2010-02-28 at 04:02:23 EST. Secret #866
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Some days I really miss being a drug addict. At least then my life had a purpose.
1 Year Sober on 2012-07-29 at 06:10:24 EST. Secret #5230
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